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Top Google China Search Terms of 2007

From PCWorld’s Sumner Lemon at Washington Post:

Chinese banks and an instant messaging service topped the list of fastest-rising search terms on Google’s Chinese Web site during 2007, the company said Wednesday.

The first release of Google China’s Zeitgeist (in Chinese), which lists the fastest-rising search terms during 2007, was topped by QQ, an instant-messaging service that is immensely popular among Chinese Internet users. Two banks — China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China — took the second and third spots, followed by searches for “stocks” and “games.”

China Construction Bank was in the sixth spot on the list, followed by Google Earth, the Xunlei file-sharing service, antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab, and MSN.

Google Zeitgeist doesn’t reflect the most-searched for terms on Google’s Web site. Instead, the list shows which search terms experienced the greatest jump in popularity during the year. Viewed in that light, the popularity of banking and financial terms on Google China’s Zeitgeist list stand out against the list compiled by Google for worldwide searches.

Theworldwide Zeitgeist list was topped by Apple’s iPhone, and is populated by the names of popular Web sites, like Badoo (No. 2) and Facebook (No. 3). None of the 10 terms on the worldwide Zeitgeist list were related to finance. Conversely, the Chinese Zeitgeit list did not name any video-sharing sites, while the worldwide list had two: Dailymotion (No. 4) and Google’s own YouTube (No. 6).


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