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Twitter Notification Suggestion: Add Tweet Info

If you’re a Twitter user, you should be getting a notification whenever someone follows you (unless you remove this feature in its notifications settings page). To some this email message is just an additional headache adding to the heaps of emails to reply to. But to others, it’s a way to help maintain sanity in their accounts, especially in light of the increased spam levels bombarding this microblogging platform.

Currently, the current format displays basic account information such as number of followers, following how many and number of Twitter updates. While I find this helpful I think it’s not enough to help me tag those garbage accounts that only spread spam messages, add no value and deserve outright blocking. I admit some followers are added without me getting any notifications but I assume those are spammy ones that gets flushed out anyway.

What I’d like to see are more comprehensive information, if that doesn’t hurt Twitter’s servers are the following:

XXX Followers
XXX Tweets
Following XXX People

Latest Tweet: [Message]

At least this additional information gives a better hint as to whether I should follow or block this account, no matter how lame the update may be. Many accounts with thousands of followers don’t necessarily provide value; many have followed even more accounts and that they are only getting autofollow return favors. It’s the quality of tweets that count and not the number of followers.

Now with a fresh round of big money coming in, hopefully Twitter server issues like fail whale messages are a thing in the past.


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