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Understanding Google Grants

Google Grants is a program spearheaded by Google.org that allows non-profit and charitable organizations to advertise on Google’s advertising platform for free. Utilizing Google’s AdWords program to allow these groups to engage their constituents aims to tap a wider segment of the market.

With ads appearing on several publisher pages, notably through Google Adsense program, more people are aware of the existence of such programs even if they don’t click these ads. If they do click, publishers don’t get the usual percentage of fees due to its free ad placement. For publishers who are unwilling to share space for these free ads, they can edit a setting at Google Adsense to serve only paying advertiser ads.


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  • Understanding Google on Aug 19, 2010 Reply

    I am trying to understand Google adsense so if anyone could give me some more insite I would be very greatful I have got some really good advise and insite and am willing to share what I know for you to better understand but I am new and need much much more. Thank you

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