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Learning More About Link Baiting and Its Useful Hooks

Wikipedia defines link bait as any content or feature within a website that somehow baits viewers to place links to it from other websites. It is something “interesting enough to catch people’s attention”.
Link Bait
So like fishermen who use hooks to catch fish’s attention, website owners use link bait to catch. Just like a fish bait that uses different type of hooks to attract sea creatures, there are different things we can do online in order to catch someone’s attention and link to our “bait” page. It’s a fact that off-page optimization is one of the most challenging part of an SEO exercise. And that includes obtaining links without feeling obligated to reciprocal linking. So if we know different means of doing link baiting, maybe getting more unsolicited backlinks will be an easier job to do.

Creating Link Bait Hooks

  • Create lists. Compose interesting list of tips, methods, ways on how to do things right or maybe reasons why things work in certain ways.
  • Develop tools. If you have programming skills, you can develop tools that compute search engine visibility index, validate web page for XHTML-type errors or determine PageRank. It could be a WordPress theme or a browser plugin.
  • Expose new SEO techniques. Whether exposing a certain web site on its spooky methods using its source code or developing an experiment that verifies an undocumented SEO technique that works, this can trigger a note even from authoritative SEO personalities.
  • Initiate an extensive study. Find out how long does it take to index a Flash site vs a pure HTML site vs dynamic site. Or create a white paper on how SEO is performed by major e-commerce web sites.
  • Create tools that websites can use and places a link back to your site. Create poll tools, surveys or innovative methods like the one employed by YouTube or Mybloglog.
  • Publish a report about an ongoing event. If you’re attending a conference, running a play-by-play account such as the one performed by Search Engine Roundtable will be given merits.
  • Disagree with commonly accepted beliefs. If you think you have the proof that will dispel the fact about page title as the most important SEO factor, then let everyone know!
  • Do some jokes. Drawing original comics about SEO or any relevant topics should be a link magnet.
  • Run contests or promotions. Letting every SEO professional prove his/her worth by organizing an SEO contest will encourage participation especially if it has attractive prizes at stake.

Of course we need to promote our blogs by using ping services and submitting to blog directories for new blog sites. That enables blog search engines to include our blog posts within search results.



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