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Understanding Yahoo’s Traffic Quality Center

Traffic Quality Center of Yahoo! Search Marketing has been receiving little publicity as far as I am aware so I decide to try to spread the word within the confines of my capabilities.

Yahoo! makes claims that its Click Protection System strictly complies with the standards set in the industry. To me this isn’t a difficult claim to make, considering the number of players in the industry and Yahoo’s clout over the Web in general.

Yahoo! describes the features of the new product launch:

  1. Learn how to submit a click investigation request
  2. Get the latest news on traffic quality
  3. Access tips and tools that can help you detect click fraud
  4. Read articles on best practices to help protect your search marketing investment

Whether they concentrated more in the labs than the press conference room, that may be arguable but it’s a face that some of Yahoo’s efforts receive little publicity. Traffic Quality Center just got released at Yahoo! Search Marketing and is aimed at safeguarding the interests of its advertisers from fraud while trying to help improve the quality of its services.

Click Protection System

Our proprietary Click Protection System is comprised of a complex series of filters that work 24 hours a day to identify click fraud and/or invalid clicks, clicks that we believe shouldn’t be billed to our advertisers.

I think Yahoo! has been in the forefront of developing tools that better combat click fraud. This statement should be reassuring to advertisers.

Blocked Continents

When you opened your U.S. account or upgraded to the new Sponsored Search platform, the Blocked Continents feature in your account defaulted to exclude traffic from continents other than North America. If intercontinental traffic is not important to your business, you may find that this capability helps improve your overall conversion rate.

This is what I am not sure of. I posted a reply on a Search Engine Watch two days ago regarding the updated Yahoo! features. But I am still yet to receive an answer to my question.

Dedicated Traffic Quality Team

Yahoo! provides advertisers the autonomy on ad placements with less editorial intervention. At the same time, for people who would like to ask questions regarding click fraud, enhancing traffic quality, and delivery of products and services that create more transparency and control for advertisers. The name of the team tells me that the scope of topics open for clarification is limited to those described only, though.

Click Investigation

Click Protection System works 24 hours a day, everyday but it doesn’t mean it will take care of everything. Once we discover some suspicious click patterns (we have to install analytics tools to accomplish this), Yahoo! provides a facility for advertisers to file the case to Yahoo! for click investigation, including details, sample screen shots and other helpful information provided. All inquiries are seriously considered so this could be a magic word for pranksters out to puzzle Yahoo! click investigators’ brains. It’s brave of them to guarantee response within ten days of receipt of the request. But it’s nonetheless very positive to the eyes of advertisers who want every penny be spent on legitimate clicks.

Plus, a call to Yahoo! (866-YAHOO-SM (866-924-6676)) will also be entertained during the course of the investigation. Wow.

Tips, Tools, FAQ and Resources

Yahoo! Search Marketing has a neat list of tips on tracking campaigns, ROI tools and other important aspects to bear in mind during the course of a campaign such as click investigation procedures and placement of conversion tracking codes. Frequently Asked Questions provides basic and intermediate items covered within the scope of Traffic Quality Center feature while Resources is just essentially a list of links and blogrolls we find on many web logs.

Overall, this feature holds big promise and it’s good that we see companies other than Google providing more features to help advertisers. We acknowledge click fraud is a chronic problem that will stay online for a while. And these efforts made by Yahoo! to tackle the problem should be appreciated.


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