Unsafe PPC Ads

harmful-siteOne of the things a Google AdWords advertiser must bear in mind before setting a campaign live is to ensure that the landing page website is safe and not infected with unwanted entities like spyware or links to unsecure websites. Otherwise, the appearance of an ad — displayed with special symbols on certain browsers — discourages people from clicking on them. Consequently, the likelihood of getting traffic from targeted sources becomes pretty low.

Take a look at a sample ad appearing on Google search results. Even though not all browsers display warnings, those with anti-virus add-ons automatically tag a website as unsafe to visit with that bright red button.

But come to think of it, unless advertiser uses cost per thousand impressions (CPM) strategy, the distinctive warning sign helps attract attention at no extra cost. The bottom line is that because the red marker indicates the site could possibly harm an impending visitor, no amount of attraction can persuade such visitor to check out an advertised product or service. As a result, the website not only loses potential traffic, this advertiser can also be portrayed as a less trustworthy and loses brand value.