Updates from Yahoo! Panama PPC Service

In general, there has been positive feedback regarding Yahoo!’s new infrastructure governing its Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing service. While I think Google AdWords still perform better in terms of performance I see in my campaigns, definitely Yahoo! is making a notch higher this time.

Just would like to inform everyone of the updates as received from my subscription, its official release and from a blog elsewhere in cased you missed yours or you failed to notice the message:

  1. Short descriptions are now required for all ads by May 2007. I wasn’t fully aware that this one is optional since I always make it a point to describe an ad (“Flats in Aberdeen”, “Hong Kong Property Agents”) for future reference. The maximum length of a short ad is 70 characters. Long description obviously is more informative but is optional in this update.
  2. Search results will only show short descriptions by June 2007. Now I see the reason why it’s required to place a short description by next month. Will this improve ad performance? Maybe yes, but I am leaning towards a no. Will reduced ad space maximize profits for Yahoo? Well, likely yeah!

Yahoo! reasons out that ads have better performance when they appear in concise rather than long descriptions. This is somewhat true in my ads. I also think looking at ads is the same as looking at a page where a webmaster is given a second or less to impress a visitor. An advertiser must capture the attention of a visitor by presenting the advert in a straightforward, in-your-face manner. I believe that in many occasions, making the ad attractive doesn’t require too much text. Simplicity is the key.

But then again if the main purpose is to introduce more ads on a given ad space, the attention span gets even shorter. Typically, visitors click only an ad on every session (hoping they see what they expect to see in the ad) so cost impact will appear relatively the same as what it is right now. But with shorter, more concise ads appearing on search results, click through rate could spring up, which benefits Yahoo!