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Using MSN’s linkfromdomain command

MSN Live Search recently released the linkfromdomain tool that will determine which pages a certain site links to. In effect, this is the reverse of another existing command linkdomain, which displays the identity of the pages that link to the site (also known as backlinks).

For example, to determine which sites provided a link to, I will use

But to determine which sites is linking to (without going to the site and examining its links), I will use

If you think that’s it, you’re mistaken; the tool offers flexibility in combining with other commands to further drill on how a site does its linking or check a link partner if he/she did fulfill the agreed link exchange.

So if I am the owner of (I am) and want to check if web site promised to put a link to my site, I will enter the following command at Live Search:

If the result is blank then someone is in trouble. Obviously, the pages have to be indexed before this command works, just like linkdomain, site and related commands.


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