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Video Promotion For Google Universal Search

Search Marketing Expo West is currently being held at Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

One of the hot topics being discussed is the importance of Universal Search Google released in the middle of 2007. Also referred as “Blended Search”, Google Universal Search allows users to view search results in a variety of file formats: videos, mages, news, maps, books, and websites. There are studies that showed that while most searchers use “Web Search”, there’s a significant number of those who use other searches. For example, Eric Enge noted comScore’s estimate of image search activity: seven percent of all searches take place in image search.

This change in search results landscape allows marketers to diversify strategies instead of overly focused into optimizing web pages.

For images to be potentially included in the mainstream of search results, pay attention on URL attributes of that image, usage of “image”, “photos” tags and attention to ALT text help improve the inclusion of images by up to 70%.

Benu Aggarwal highlights the importance of video as three of five people watch video online everyday. She has tips on optimizing video for Google Universal Search.

From WebProNews:

1. Keyword research/story board.
2. Video production
3. Optimize the video for web delivery
4. Surround the video with HTML
5. Create Media RSS; create video sitemap
6. Do video submissions and track your video views


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