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Weekend Lines: Get Noticed When Linking to Others

Gmail has released a “new” feature that allows us to create a miniature version of Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups — send e-mail to a regular list of recipients such as, in my case, household members — on a regular fashion.

This feature isn’t new to me. Or at least the functionality is pretty much the same. Perhaps the name looks better understood when it’s called Personal Mailing Lists than Groups. I have been grouping my SFC household group for our meetings and I just type “Household” and eight e-mail addresses are automatically filled into the “TO:” field.


Back to SEO business. When we are providing outbound links out to other sites, we believe these sites are useful and/or put credibility to what we write about. At the same time we also do them a favor by adding more channels for visitors to get to their site. The favor is even higher if we create customized anchor text instead of just “click here” link to them.

But how do these sites notice we are doing them a favor? Simple. Many of the owners of these sophisticated sites check their web analytics reports and find out where traffic comes from. But unless someone clicks on the links we placed for these sites, our pages/sites won’t register on these reports. And this is a common case for sites that receive low volume of traffic. So if our sites don’t have sufficient number of visitors who will notice these links why wait for them to click on these links if we can do it ourselves?

For example, if I place a list of links on my BlogRoll, it wasn’t solely meant to do these sites a favor. It also gives me a convenient way to access these sites without typing their URLs/domain names. I think these are great sites so I not only link to them for my visitors to see. It’s also for me to check out.

CNN reports that a Chinese blogger has been beaten to death by Chinese officials for filming their confrontation with villagers. The killing has sparked outrage in China, with thousands expressing outrage in Chinese Internet chat rooms, often the only outlet for public criticism of the government.

The incident has also alarmed advocates of press freedom, who say municipal authorities had no right to attack a man for simply filming them.

Police have detained 24 municipal inspectors and are investigating more than 100 in the death of Wei Wenhua, a 41-year-old construction company executive, Xinhua reported on Friday.


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