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What Makes 2.0 Special

Ever since introduced by the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004 and almost a decade after Garbage released Version 2.0, the term 2.0 becomes a household name when it comes to revolutionary changes in the computing business.

Want some proof?

Microsoft Live Search 2.0
Stories about Microsoft’s Live Search rolling out its 2.0 version has been leaking despite an apparent denial from the alleged source of the leak.

Gmail 2.0
Many believe Gmail is due for an exciting upgrade. Why exciting? Google Mail changed the way we utilize e-mail. AJAX supported, messages are grouped by conversation, chat and skin options and other cool features. Now, we have been spoiled and we want more. Gmail Offline and IMAP support, anyone? Now, we’re talking.

Amazon 2.0
Amazon just launched a newly redesigned website a few weeks ago. It wasn’t to different from the older version. It shouldn’t be, or else it will disrupt the usability trends established by its regular customers. What it did was to incorporate some Web 2.0 features (not your mere bells and whistles). Amazon is “testing” its own customer-driven knowledge base, called ProductWikis, as well as Amazon Friend, Amazon Wire and a host of other stuff closely associated with existing social networking phenomenon.

There are definitely more sites that are embracing the concept, trying to capitalize on where the market is positioned and increased awareness. So don’t be surprised if you will read more press releases about site revamps mention 2.0 quite extensively, even if these sites are unable to unearth the real meaning of it.


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  • seo newbie on Sep 30, 2007 Reply

    but web 2.0 is not quite search engine friendly but it's already rolling out and some one actually using the technology in hong kong like hk88db.com. Anyway, AJAX give friendly look to human but not so in the eyes of search engine.

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