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What Not to Do When You Unsubscribe ‘Members’

What Not to Do When You Unsubscribe ‘Members’

As hard it may be to encourage people to subscribe to one’s newsletters, it’s very easy to lose them via that unsubscribe button.

Uninteresting content, wrong timing and newsletter malpractice such as addition of email addresses directly into the list from business cards without permission from owners are among the reasons why people wish to delist their email addresses from mailing list.

Companies can become more creative by including that opt-in email option when people make transaction such as when someone buys online, repeat purchases become more convenient if one signs up for an account and receive updates that include promotions. Some establishments occasionally throw in freebies like discounted offers or exclusive access to content for subscribers, enabling people to add themselves into the mailing list with more regard for the privileges and less on what they receive from upcoming newsletters.


So when I made an online order at Pizza Hut, that is exactly what happened.

Too bad I found the email a little unnecessary since I can easily access what to order online, and their latest brochure is pasted on our fridge. So I decided unsubscribing to this mailing list is a better option than not.

However, when I unsubscribed, it seems that I had to overcome the high-wire fence Pizza Hut has put in place to keep me from freeing myself out of its mailing list:

  1. Upon clicking on that tiny hyperlink found in a maze of fine print at the email footer, I have to enter my email address even though I landed on this supposed unsubscribe page from the same email account I shared to Pizza Hut.
  2. I have to enter a password, something I can’t recall creating in the first place. If my mental recall occasionally fail in remembering passwords, this one trumps them all. Indeed this is a major roadblock to overcome for me to get out of Pizza Hut subscriber list.
  3. Oh, and it takes ten working days to get this stuff fixed, instead of the instant detachment from the mailing list once I click a link or a button.

Grow up Pizza Hut, this is not how you should manage your newsletters.


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