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What The Fact: Internet Explorer 8’s Old-Fashioned Propaganda

Which browser has better security through phishing and malware protection? Or privacy support? If you answered Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then you are wrong, as far as Windows is concerned.

By looking at the neatly arranged “Get the Facts” page featuring a matrix of features and popular Internet browsers, it’s obvious that Internet Explorer 8, the latest browser offering from Microsoft is taking the lead over the two competitors. Or at least that’s what Microsoft thinks, and what it wants everyone to believe.

The absurd piece of propaganda may not necessarily be a subtle reprisal for previous portrayal of Microsoft’s PC software as bloated, inefficient and uncool in a series of Mac vs PC commercials.

(Note that Mac’s Safari browser is not in the browser comparison table).

But this new release aims for a fresh start for a product that’s often documented as unsafe due to serious security flaws. Consider talking about Bing.com as a resurrection of the pathetic performance of MSN Search — and its supposed upgrade Microsoft Live Search — in terms of producing good quality search results.

I am happy with Chrome right now, but Microsoft thinks I am wrong, vulnerable to threats and simply not taking advantage of what IE8 has to offer: security, reliability, manageability and compatibility. That’s how the comparison table is illustrated. Why not add another row that describes Windows IE 8 as a generous giver and full of exciting surprises to everyone in Down Under as long as he/she dumps an old browser in favor of IE 8?

I find some notes quite blunt in explaining why Internet Explorer 8 is better in certain categories.

Privacy: InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering help Internet Explorer 8 claim privacy victory.

What the heck is InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering? Was it some sort of new technobabble out to convince users that it’s the answer to all privacy woes on the web? IT World reports last year that IE 8 even leaks private data! Is that how we define privacy victory?


Sure, Firefox may win in sheer number of add-ons, but many of the customizations you’d want to download for Firefox are already a part of Internet Explorer 8 – right out of the box.

Is this how Internet Explorer 8 define customization? By providing everything you may possibly need? And through an MSDN blog it appears that customization has another meaning.

Lifehacker’s browser survey shows that (pre-IE8) Internet Explorer browser only got around 3% share as browser of choice. Internet Explorer continues to dominate the browser war numbers, mind you. But because that’s due to convenience and not necessarily due to popular demand. Performance tests indicate Chrome and Firefox are better performers, but these apparently unsubstantiated claims by Windows IE 8 in the “Get the Facts” chart shows otherwise.

You want some more, here’s some more myth-busting revelations, or is this supposed to be the real verdict on Internet Explorer 8?


I only wished there was space for comments below the “Get The Facts” chart so we know how the public will react. But for now let’s give IE 8 the benefit of the doubt, download a copy and test it. It may just be Microsoft’s second pleasant surprise after search engine Bing.com in as many months. It’s often difficult to disassociate Internet Explorer 8 with its chronically insecure predecessors especially that on paper, the only difference is the version number.


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