What Article Length is Good Enough for SEO?

I have to mention to everyone who wants to have decent page ranking on search engines that the first major step is to create adequate content; search engines can evaluate pages more effectively once a page has enough content. Each page is unique so there is no hard and fast rule on the number of words that must be placed.

So instead of getting ourselves limited with the numbers, let’s remember the following:

  1. Pages are for human readers. Many times we heard the advice that search engines are not the target audience of our pages but fellow human Internet users. By doing so we should always thing of what’s best for users: good organization of content, sentence structure and so on.
  2. Think about long tail searches. Most of the time our pages are accessible to people who search for terms we did not think we would rank or never thought someone will use. Pages that contain a significant amount of information are more likely to extend its list of referral keywords much more than those with a paragraph or two.
  3. Create a smooth flow of ideas. By creating a logical structure to our user content, we make our content easily understood. Separating an article into paragraphs with subtitles that
    emphasize the keyword is the way to go. Get a copy editor to review the work if needed.
  4. Deliver interesting content. Having a page with significant amount of content does not always mean a page with high quality content. An emphasis on quality of content should sit next to its quality. We should research content of our articles well so we can express them easily or elaborate them if needed. Statistics charts, reference sites, photos and other useful information definitely help. In such cases, it may take longer to develop an article but if in the end the page gained a good amount of links, then it was worth the wait.