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Why “Follow, Index” and “Revisit-After” Robot Tags Are Useless

Sometimes we see on source code’s head section a lot of Meta tags like:

* <META name="revisit-after" content="15 days">
* <META robots="follow,index">

Both are useless (or obsolete to say the least).

Search Engine Robot

* <META name="revisit-after" content="15 days">
Search engines don’t use this as a basis for them returning to your website. They’re more sophisticated than this tag, even if you update your site exactly every 15 days. If your site does not have anything new in recent memory, search engines will optimize its resources and could skip your site in favor of more often updated sites. The reason is that search engines don’t find anything new content to index. In order to impose a similar directive to search engines, you can implement XML sitemaps, including .

* <META robots="follow,index">
This code is useless. The reason is that by default, once search engine robots reach a page, it crawls the page and determines if it needs to be indexed (duplicate, enough link juice, etc). So putting the code above is sort of redundant. Using “follow,index” is useless but other variations such as “follow,noindex” or “nofollow,noindex” aren useless. So there’s no need to put <META robots="follow,index"> Just like putting robots.txt file, telling search engines to crawl all pages. (Robots.txt is used to tell search engines which content should NOT be crawled.)

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