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10 Reasons Why Your Website Should Use WordPress Platform

10 Reasons Why Your Website Should Use WordPress Platform

When WordPress, the open-source content management system was released in May 2003, it steadily ushered a new way of building websites — not just blogs. At the time, other CMS packages are available — Movable Type, TextPattern and Blogger. But founder Matt Mullenweg combined the strengths of each and packaged them into what he envisioned an ideal CMS should be — flexible, easy to install and scalability.

By providing a robust package that takes care of database design, plenty of design template choices and easy to use interface, WordPress has encouraged more people who lacked technical and design skills to build their websites.

As of writing, WordPress is used by more than a quarter of the world’s top 10 million websites, and now is the used by one in every six websites, according to Forbes. Each of the websites I manage runs on this platform.

In case you haven’t figured out why WordPress is so popular and used by many, let me cite some of the reasons why you should adopt WordPress for your next website revamp.

1. It is easy to install.
There are a few ways to install WordPress. While there is the famous five-minute installation, many website hosts provide free installation which makes it a more convenient option. No more database setup, no files to FTP, and other procedures common to website construction.

2. It allows you to make website updates anywhere.
WordPress is browser based, which means once you have Internet connection and account login, you can update your website anywhere you are — at the park, at the library or a coffee shop.

3. It does not require special software.
No FTP upload files into the server, no Adobe Photoshop to resize your images or Dreamweaver to construct HTML. You don’t need those especially if you’re not so comfortable with HTML coding anyway. With WordPress, you can choose layout formats or arrange images through widgets with minimal effort. If you wish to insert pieces of code, you can also do so.

4. It is easily indexed by search engines.
With its clean interface and no unnecessary pieces of code, WordPress websites are usually a breeze for search engine crawlers to scan. With SEO in mind, WordPress extends beyond the clean HTML code, as it also allows custom keyword-rich permalinks structure, canonicalization, support for XML sitemap and custom Meta tags.

5. It allows you to customize your website.
Apparently this is one important consideration for webmasters: the ability to suit the website based on specifications such as design elements (color theme, text font, widget arrangements, etc) and SEO requirements (header text, menu structure, permalinks, etc).

You have an option which posts get featured at the homepage and which ones require password protection.

With a vast array of free and premium themes, there’s likely one design that fits your requirement. If that’s not enough, you can also install optional plugins to serve specific purpose such as setup your newsletter campaign or online shop.

You can also change the theme easily as needed or if you wish to portray a fresh outlook or brand reboot.

6. It allows multiple users.
As an administrator, you can assign additional accounts on different tier levels (contributor, editor, etc), thereby allowing your team to work concurrently such as writing articles, editing them, uploading images or customizing the web design layout. All at the same time.

7. It is mobile-ready.
WordPress themes are built for responsive websites so expect your chosen one will fit seamlessly on mobile devices.

8. It allows you to manage time.
If you have plenty of time on hand, you can create multiple article / blog drafts and schedule them for publishing at a predefined time in the future. So once you get tied up with other tasks, those scheduled posts can go live as scheduled.

9. It saves you money and time.
It’s a given that WordPress saves you money spent on web design architects, HTML and image editors, database administrators. There’s no need to wait for days for a design agency to make changes as you can do simple tasks directly.

Since it runs on PHP and mySQL, there’s no need to pay for expensive license fees to run software. It also saves you time because WordPress once installed, you are ready to go — unless you wish to further customize your site’s look and feel.

10. It encourages visitor engagement.
Whether you are selling items or sharing nuggets of information, there’s a place for visitors to get involved. It can be in the form of sharing on social media, leaving comments or better yet, fulfilling your call to action.

WordPress may be popular and the reasons above is compelling to many, but WordPress may not be for everyone. There are other similar platforms out there — Drupal, Joomla, Wix, SquareSpace and many others. Since this website is built on a WordPress platform, and I am happy with it, I think you’ll like it too.


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