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Yahoo Better Than Sex: Google Users

No, not that one you naughty-minded reader. : – )

“Yahoo” is a more searched term than “sex”, according to users of Google search engine in its Google Trends report. It’s like a news because “sex” has been a perennial topnotch search phrase all these years.

It is interesting that a big disparity among users in Japan (Tokyo, Chiyoda and Osaka) who use “yahoo” and “sex” as search queries while users in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have almost the same numbers for both terms.

Usually the spike of usage comes from news reports that pertains to the same subject. For example, the news on Yahoo! earnings disappointment saw increase in news coverage and search volume as well. On the other hand, reports on footballers held over sex attack got soaring news references yet “sex” search trend did not show much significant change.


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