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Yahoo! Leads Japan Search Engine Market

Yahoo! leads the search engine market share in Japan in December 2007, according to comScore World Metrix audience measurement service.

comScore data showed that Yahoo! had 42.1 million unique visitors last month. Google came in second with 32.3 million visitors while Microsoft came in third with 29.1 million unique visitors.

“The holiday season is a true testament to the relationship between online and offline activity,” said Maru Sato, Managing Director of comScore Japan. “People went online not only to shop and search for gifts, but to plan their holiday activities including Forget-Year parties and checking schedules for year-end television specials.”

Yahoo’s success in Japan search engine market served as a silver lining in an otherwise gloomy news that blanketed this Sunnyvale-based search engine. In October 2007, results showed a similar pattern, with Yahoo! sites attracting 41.3 million visitors, while Google and Microsoft had 31.7 million and 29.4 million respectively.

Summary: Top Search Engines in Japan (December 2007)
1 Yahoo! Sites (42.14 million unique visitors)
2 Google Sites (32.3m)
3 Microsoft Sites (29.79m)
4 Rakuten (29m)
5 NTT Group (26.36m)
6 FC2 Inc (25.83m)
7 Nifty Corporation (22m)
8 Livedoor (21.4m)
9 Wikipedia Sites (20.96m)
10 GMO Internet Group (19.32m)


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