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Yahoo! Now Supports NOODP Tag

Yahoo! Search Blog has recently announced that it now supports the NOODP tag:




This tag was earlier adopted by Google and MSN search engines as a means to address webmaster preference of their meta descriptions embedded on a web page instead of using the brief description that appears on Open Directory. With Open Directory descriptions appearing on search engine results snippets, there is little (perhaps none at all) control of what content webmasters want to see once their pages are displayed as results.

I noticed though that the descriptions they place on search results do not depend on either Open Directory listings or META Tag specifications. For example, searching for hong kong property agents in Yahoo! displays the Yahoo! Directory entry of Sallmanns Residential. While that listing is at number one, the purpose of NOODP is not addressed because Yahoo! picks its results elsewhere not named META Description and DMOZ. So do we need to ask Yahoo! for a NODIR or NOYAHOODIR tag then? Anyway, this is not a big concern for Sallmanns especially that it is prominently placed on Yahoo! for that search query. What about the others?

There have been a lot of discussions about this in the past. I am glad the three major search engines have come up with a united stand regarding the <NOODP> tag. Does this cement the argument that Open Directory (whose suggestion site script /cgi-bin/add.cgi is missing for the past week) is becoming less and less recognized as an authoritative directory?


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