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Yahoo! Shortcut paves way for Yahoo! Music

In an entry called “Rock the Cash Box?”, Yahoo! could be referring more than just a homonym of the popular The Clash song “Rock the Casbah”. Yahoo! could well be feeding curious fans looking for lyrics into Yahoo! Music through its lyrics section using the Yahoo! Shortcut service. (Yes, the title is a parody of a string of misspelled titles entered by lyrics searchers that cause them not to find the lyrics they’re looking for.)

This is a good experience for users because it (assuming Yahoo! lyrics are all correct) does guarantee a correct spelling of songs and not just phonetically similar. But what about sites that are specializing in lyrics? What could be the impact of Yahoo! Shortcut appearing on top of the top organic search results. To me I think it should not matter, even if it could possibly reduce traffic coming in to SFC Hong Kong’s lyrics page. That’s because there are a lot of lyrics pages that are annoying. Yes, we pay nothing to look at the lyrics and sing our way to the bathroom, but that’s the point of making these contents available for free.

It appears that we are at the mercy of search engines and see what they offer on their search engine results (Google has news, maps, addresses, definitions, etc) but if in the end, these pages that visitors click will be more useful and have better user experience than those pages that appear on organic results and don’t need to get advertisers pay for free traffic in Google Adwords, then I am into it.


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