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Yahoo! Splogs

Not too long ago Yahoo! made an indexing update during the time it went into a numbers war with Google.

Barely two months have passed and Yahoo! search engine results pages are still choked with spam blogs or splogs.

Take a look at this example. p=property+agent+in+hong+kong& sm=Yahoo%21+Search&fr=FP-tab-web-t&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8

I am trying to measure the ranking of �property agent in hong kong� phrase for one client over at The results are disappointing since I was aware of the update made by Yahoo!

Two of the first three results are German-domain links that redirect to Adsense-built pages.

I would have thought that as Yahoo! made the cleanup it got rid of these types of pollutants by way of detecting keyword patterns. Instead they proliferated as described by Jason Bailey as “riddled with spam � worse than before � yecch.”

It�s difficult to justify to clients if you have optimized for keywords that are attractive to spammers, say Cialis, pills, or online lottery. You could have ranked higher but splogs get in the way and you are powerless to eradicate them.


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