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Yahoo! Sponsored Listings Allows Site Blocking

Now, you can block sites from displaying your Yahoo! ads. Yahoo! announced it is broadening its Traffic Quality Features for its sponsored ads in an e-mail today.

We can now block up to 250 web sites within Sponsored Search and Content Match we think our ads will not attract good quality traffic.

This is the content of the e-mail message:

As an advertiser, you want quality traffic—qualified clicks from the users who are most likely to become customers. Our new blocked domains feature, planned for launch later this month, will provide you with greater control of where your ads appear. This is just one of several ways that Yahoo! is working to improve the value of the traffic that we deliver to you.

  • Blocked Domains (New!)
    Now you can specify websites in our partner distribution network where you don’t want your ads to appear.
  • Pricing Discounts
    You may automatically receive pricing discounts based on our assessment of the quality of traffic coming from our partner distribution network.
  • Click Protection System
    We track click and search patterns across many data points to identify clicks that we believe shouldn’t be billed to our advertisers. The click protection system generally discards charges from 12 percent to 15 percent of clicks.
  • Blocked Continents
    Yahoo! automatically excludes traffic from continents other than North America. If global traffic is important to your business, you can opt into this traffic.
  • Traffic Quality Center
    This site is our home for traffic quality tips, tools and news. This is the place to go, for instance, if you want to learn how to submit click investigation requests.


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