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How to Delete Google Analytics Properties

How to Delete Google Analytics Properties

In dealing with client projects, we are often entrusted to check performance and progress of intended targets. In the process, we are granted access to Google Analytics accounts enabling us to view reports without using their accounts (and avoid possibly compromising their privacy).

Now, when projects are finished or we move to other jobs, they normally remove our account privileges and move on. Yet, as I noticed that in the past seven years or so, the number of websites whom I have access to has grown significantly. Without accessibility features such as starred properties or real-time search function, like the way Google Webmaster tools is currently constructed, it’ll be a mess to navigate through these properties as much as we perpetually try to familiarize new features introduced every now and then.

But finally, Google made a relatively low-profile announcement (doing it on Google+ instead of publishing it on its official blog). Many might wonder what took Google so long to make such update. While it has been possible to delete accounts, doing so would mean removing ALL the properties associated with it, so the feature wasn’t so helpful.

To remove properties, access the account in question and click on Admin on top of the page.


Go to Property column and click on Property Settings.


Then at the bottom you’ll find Delete property as highlighted below.


At least we can now clean up our accounts.


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